Feeding the princess..

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I am telling you, it ain't easy to live with a furry princess.
You want her to be happy and well feed. And all food conversations look just about like this one here:

suzi food 1.jpg

Why would she want chicken right?
But the worst thing are fish and seafood!
She reacts like if she wants to throw up. Shrimps are just the worst!

suzi food 3.jpg

Sausages... please...
She wont even look in their direction!

suzi food 6.jpg

But as soon as I get myself a cup of coffee and cake/cookies/ice cream.. she is there. Looking at you with those puss eyes and saying please with a paw.
Yes... I thought her that trick and now it backfires!

suzi food 5.jpg

One good thing about her being so picky is that I can leave any meat or fish on the table and she will not be interested stealing it.
Butter, cheese and anything sweet is another story :p
Sweet, sweet kitty...

All graphics and text are my own.



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Fussy eaters! I had a cat that would only eat wet cat food. None of that dry stuff.

Nice comic strip! You should start a cat themed comic.

!CATtip 40

Very fussy! She likes dry and wet, but is picky about both too.

Maybe one day :)
Thanks for the kitties!

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:D :D

Haha, that is so original 😂. This facial expressions, ingenious :)

Haha that's exactly what my cat does :D
Thanks :))

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you very much :)

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Thank you very much :)

You can shoot a cartoon :-)

One day...

These illustrations are so adorable and their message is so true! LOVE this! LOL!

Thank you!
Yea a typical kitty behavior :D Spoiled divas....