''art is my live { lets go to draw fruit with doodle art }''

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Hello Steemians!

Since I have been absent here for quite a long time, I am still thinking about what I should be posting today. I do not think of anything other than drawing.

Here I will draw the fruits that are easy to do for beginners, by chance the model of the object is right in front of me. Drawing objects in front of us directly is very difficult and models can not only rely on imajination and objects that require benchmark objects in the picture, this object is taken from nature, be it flora and fauna or things around us.

In the actual picture you need to have is the confidence that the image you have is the best picture you have because the result of not this self-confidence usually leads to self-punishment, which will rob her of her confidence, and her ability to think rational

I it using doodle media for drawing. Similar to what we discussed earlier, doodle art is one of art in drawings (drawings of art) made with random or abstract shapes. The shape of this doodle image is very much and various loh turns out! Starting from the image doodle name, doodle letters, images of monsters, doodle flowers, and many more kinds.

The simplest and most common example of this doodle drawing is an image or stroke that is in the books of students and students. Sometimes they love to draw and scribble their books with an abstract theme when they are saturated.

The creation of this doodle art is actually not accidental, but for now the doodle image has become a popular art. Not only that now there are also people who are experts or work as a doodle maker called doodle art maker.

For you if you are still a beginner to create doodle pictures. at first the picture doodle easy and simple, how to draw it is not as difficult as the art of drawing in general.

Simply follow these steps and how to create a doodle art for beginners:

1.Seeking Inspiration

For those of you who are still new to creating a doodle image, the first thing you should do is look for an inspiration to make it easier for you to draw it. Relax, to find inspiration in making doodle art is not as difficult as you imagine, you can seek inspiration from things around you such as events, expressions, or circumstances around you and even you can also loh make yourself as an idea for doodle drawing.

2. Define Fonts

the next way is to determine the sentence and the word you want to write in the doodle art picture. So for the better picture, do not forget to find the right font

3. Collect A Variety Of Unique and Cool Characters

In addition to using writing, doodle images also use a character. You can create unique and funny characters to support your doodle image. The goal is that while you're not running out of character ideas while working on it.

4. Express Your Imagination Free

How to create the next doodle art is to express yourself indefinitely. doodle art itself is an art no matter what. Then from there you can try to draw as you like.









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