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Spidey Swings against the opponent

Hellow to my fellow steemians I want to share with you the beginning of this illustration. Even though I'm not the fan of spiderman animation, it's been my favorite movie since I first saw spiderman movie in a real human. I am so impressed with the special graphics.


We all know that this movie is just a fantasy. The impressive concepts it has drawn from the comics. Peter Parker performs as a Spiderman, slim but smart in science. He was a victim of a rumor because no one really respected him. She only studied public high schools and when they had a tour in a laboratory there she was bitten by a spider.

It Started to Draw in the Heads



#A little bit details of Spidey

After he was bitten by a spider, not just an ordinary spider. That is the one of the reason why he became a superhero because of that great power. And that's the start of her hero's career. He has a lot of enemies a criminal and fraudulent criminal scientists.


He is one of the good examples that we must follow. In most cases, the life-threatening mans in life because of the difficulties in life, do you know why? Because people who do not really study well, have become miserable for their lives, because of the misleading decision of life. They are determined to do bad things and consequently badly affecting the society and most innocent people will affect badly on that criminal situation.




#My Simple Tools that I used in drawing

It is a pencil, ballpen and crayon. By using of a pencil I just applied slowly in drawing, then I looked carefully if something wrong in the angle, then I have used the ballpen.



After that I used Crayons






That's all

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awesome work!
Spider-man has always been my absolute favorite super hero :D


Were the same bro, I really love marvel comics, It reminds me my childhood

Nice Drawing :)