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Magic Ladder Doodle


I’ve been dying to try some trick art since I saw them but was worried because I and such a newbie at drawing of any kind.

I love instructions though so I looked up online and found this awesome little video HERE

I plan on trying more of these types of doodles as I find them very relaxing. 😌

Here are some of the progression photos. I didn’t get many because this one moves so fast once you put pencil ✏️ to paper 📝.

6292013A-4577-4B60-BA44-7AC0F82BBC7D.jpeg Yep that’s a blank piece of paper.

5657B287-4B0A-4F42-A330-255088D1A2BB.jpeg Folded...still blank. Lol

8CAC370A-0987-441E-830B-DD52F35962A6.jpeg Lightly penciled in...the eraser is my best friend.

Happy Doodles Y’all

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I say M.C. Escher has nothing on you ;) Very well done!!

Very convincing illusion @bedoodle keep drawing and remember the key to drawing is seeing spend time observing and drink in the amazing world we live in. The higher your awareness is the easier it becomes to draw.

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