Simple Draw (Again)

in #drawing3 years ago

Hello Steemians. Now I share you my drawing. It's my 2nd drawing that I have shared in Steemit.


Drawing is my self healing teraphy. I just imitate a cartoon pict. It is my nephew favorite video. He watched it at Youtube.

When I was children, I have like many cartoon serial movie. Mask, Centurion and Silver Hawk maybe the eldest that I still remembered. I also still remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fantastic Max and Felix the Cat.

I think a few genre of cartoon serial movie that have broadcasted at TV in that time, i.e.: folklore, superheroes and comedy.

For folklore genre you maybe remember Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur and Cinderella. Sometime you can watch the title in some version.

For superheroes, I still remember Robocop, Superman and Batman and Robin. While the comedy is like Casper and Friends, Looney Tunes, Pink Panther and Ace Ventura.

There was many cartoon movies. When I was child, because the classroom is limited, sometimes I go school at morning and sometimes at afternoon. So I can enjoy the morning cartoon when the class was begin at afternoon and in the other side I can enjoy the afternoon cartoon while the class was begin at morning.

Maybe in the next my drawing session I will tell story about my favorite comics.

Okay that's all Steemians. Hope this entertain you. See you later!


Wow, many cartoon that you have wachted. When I was child I like Tom & Jerry, it was my favorite cartoon.

Thank you Yelli. Tom and Jerry is also popular and funny cartoon. Maybe someday I will try to draw the special cartoon icons. (-: