Drawing of Malefica/ Malefica的繪圖

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Hello friends of steemit for today draw Malefica many must know her, for those who do not know her Maleficent is a beautiful young woman with a big heart, grows idyllically in the peaceful realm of the forest, until one day an invading army of human beings threatens the harmony of the place. Maleficent becomes a fierce protector of her land but, suffering a ruthless betrayal, her noble heart slowly turns to stone

你好朋友今天要求畫馬爾菲卡許多人必須認識她,對於那些不認識她的人來說,是一個美麗的年輕女子,一顆大心臟,在森林的平靜的田園裡生長田園詩,直到有一天,一個入侵的人類的軍隊威脅 地方的和諧。 有罪的成為她的土地的一個激烈的保護者,但遭受無情的背叛,她高貴的心漸漸變成石頭


Process of my drawing

STEP 1 : The first step as usual is to make the silhouette of the character.

STEP 2 : In this second step I made Malefica's face, nose and mouth eyes..

STEP 3 :For the third step, place a little shadow on the eyelid of your eyes and paint your lips dark, and add details to your horns,also make details on your dress.

STEP 4 : I overlay the whole drawing



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