Paintings: Vegetative State-Series , 2018

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Kim Jong Hee- Vegetative State Series.

Someday, 'Numbers' came into the world.
This number made it called 'Average', and that means produced distinction and regulation, which led it to become a standard for humans. We make society up to average standards and live in it.
Unlike humans, there is no average standard or framework in nature. They just live by leaving themselves to their nature. That is why, these are very free beings, and even plants of the same kind have different shapes and colors of flowers.
This series of 'Vegetative State' has been motived from the natural appearance of living without losing its true nature.



‘Just like others’

The average created by people, will that be accurate?
Some time ago, numbers have emerged around the world.
These numbers created the average. The average produced separations and regulations. All of those eventually formed the standard. We make the society abided by the average standard and are living in it.
Like the words ‘just like other,’ will the life set around the average standard be the life and happiness we want?
There is no stereotype or average standard in nature, unlike the world of humans. They live a life of freedom. Even the same type of plants have flowers with different colors at different places.
That is nature and they only live their life according to their own characteristics.
The motif for the Plant Person Series came from the characteristic of nature that lives without losing its true characteristic.
This series pictures the image of a person growing plants on his body and finds his true nature through the process.

A root grew out of my body.
I will not lose myself because of the root that grew out of my body.
I can make oxygen to breathe with my own body.
I can eat the fruits that grew on my body.
I can wear the scent that bloomed from my body as clothes.

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