I am back ... kind of. 😅

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Hi everyone! 😊

Wah - a long period of time has past since my last post.

So much has happened and was going on, that I couldn't keep up with my intended posting schedule. 😥

But first things ... first.

Here you can see my latest digital painting.

This girl was inspired by an australian-korean beauty vlogger. Maybe you know her ... she is known as "Meejmuse" and her real name is Jennifer Kim.

I really enjoy her vlogs about the korean culture. Although she is quite young, I was and am really impressed, how much the online world changed and impacted her life. Not always in a good way, as she also talks about the struggles - that come with the internet fame. But she managed with her supportive "grumpy oppa" by her side.

She also inspires me to live and enjoy life - and not just vegetate. When chances and opportunities come across, you should take them. Although they scare the heck out of you... but see for yourself. Here is the link to her youtube channel:

You can also watch the following GIF - and see the progress of the painting more properly. 😊

And on a rather personal note:

These past few weeks or rather months were quite challenging for me. To give you an idea: launch of smartsteem, christmas preparations, diy christmas presents, being extremely sick for over 2 weeks 🤒 ... etc.

But this post isn't supposed to be about all the things that occupied me ... so I don't want to bore you with any further details about ... what had happened and what had not happened.

And before I am tempted to list all my 'excuses', just let me say this: It is not always easy - to actually DO, what you have in mind. Especially, if there is quite a lot on your mind. At least for me... 😔

That is why - I am going to make some changes for my upcoming posts. I still am trying to learn new drawing techniques and styles.
And that involves a lot of time ... seriously ... a L.O.T of time ... 😵

As I already mentioned in previous posts - I only managed to draw in my freetime, so that - in average - I need 5 - 7 days to complete one single digital painting. 🙈
Also I am self-taught and absolutely love everything art-related, but that doesn't mean - that drawing come natural to me. I wish - I would have been lucky enough to belong to those people, who can just look at something and start doodle impressive artworks. 😅

So - in order to be able to post more regularly, I won't go into the details about my drawing process anymore. I will still try to do the GIFs, as I personally do like them the most and I think - that you actually can then see the drawing process.

Also, I will start to post more pics in the sketching stages. In general - I guess I will post different kind of pics, so that you actually can see - with what kind of tools, techniques and styles - I am experimenting. 😊

I hope that - I will be then able to share more with you.

If you enjoyed my painting, please share and upvote.

Thank you so much for reading,
@artbunny 🎨🐰


nice photo my friend is so good you back to steemit community i hope have great time here

Thanks - it feels good to be back. 😊

I loved very much the gif of the process, fellow illustrator as well here :) It was a pleasure to meet you. Hope we had spoken a little bit more but there will be times for it... glad to find your art too.

Yes, me too! I am so glad to have met you. Your voice and music enchanted me at the first note. 😊 Hopefully we can stay connected!

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Thanks for the sweet and lovely compliment, and sure, we are in touch ✨

very beautiful, thanks for sharing! :)

Beautiful, welcome back ☺

Thank you - kindly! 😊

its so beautiful painting bro
i like it

Thank you! 😊

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