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This is my first entry into the "Anime Character Drawing Challenge" by @htliao.
The link to the contest is below:

I enjoy participating in art contests, and was really excited when I saw this Anime Character Drawing Challenge.
I knew I had to make some time to enter.

One-Piece is one of my favorite anime. Hence I decided to draw a character from One-Piece. This character is very powerful and super cool and has the title "The Greatest swordsman in the World". Can you guess who he is?


Yes, it is Dracule Mihawk "Hawk Eyes"

I experimented with both pencils and color pencils for this entry. Thereafter I performed some editing on computer.
Hope that you like it.

Dracule Mihawk "Hawk Eyes"

I incorporated my Steemit id onto his hat.
Can you spot it?

This is the pencil drawing before I colored it in

This is what I used to draw the character

Here is an animated gif of the drawing process

Here are some process pictures

To start off, I began a rough sketch of the character.

Adding more detail to the face and darkening the lines


Adding some shading

Now finishing off the pencil drawing


And now I start using color pencils

Then I edited the drawing slightly on computer

And this is it:

Hawk Eyes

This is what he would look like if he had blue eyes:

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I like this post, you have my vote, by the way,
thank you for stopping by and voting on one of my post
really appreciate it.I started following you @mannyfig1956

Thank @mannyfig1956 for your support! Have a great day!

Welcome my dear friend have a good one.

Really awesome presentation of your artwork!

Thanks @jollyroger1! Glad you like the artwork. Have a great day!

Wow!!!😍💕💕💕 You are so talented!!!

Thank you very much @djynn! It means a lot coming from you. I have seen many of your anime drawings and I upvote your drawings when I see them because they are really amazing and you draw then in ink! Have a fantastic day, my friend.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You're welcome and thank you! It means a lot to me. Have a great day!

Nice drawing.

Thanks @chamudiliyanage! I am happy that you like the drawing. Have a great day!

You too :)

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great painting, very profesional! upvote!
I invite you to visit my blog, it's also about an art!

Thanks @prostosun for your support! Followed you as I am always interested in art and will check out your posts. Have an awesome day!

you paint it very well i like your colors @apprentice001

Thanks @sylejmanbajgora! I am really happy that you like it. Have a great day!

you make great art as always @apprentice001!! ^^

Thanks @tegoshei for your kind words! You too, my friend! Have a great day!

You're always welcome my friend! :D Have a lovely day, too! :D

Thanks @gunawanramli. Really happy that you like it. Have checked out your post too. Have a great day!

It's really good! :) i hope you get to win something n.n

Thanks @fabiyamada for your kind words and support! I had fun creating the drawing and it would be a bonus if I win something. Have a fantastic day!