ART ART .. | Step by step explanation of my Golden Freezerm painting |

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Hello friends, I want to show on this occasion the step by step that I have followed to carry out my last work done with colored pencils.

Now I present my painting work done step by step

#1.- I have made the sketch of my painting.

#2.- I have used the purple pencil in some parts.

#3.- In this part I applied the yellow color throughout the body with some shadows.

#4.-In this last step I made the tail with yellow and the whole drawing I have given some touches of brightness to appreciate better.

Now in pictures I present my illustration step by step.

And this was the step by step of my most recent work. If you liked give me Ressteem, UpVote or just leave me a comment on how you felt about my painting.

User: @Antonioperu

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