The Racoon-pig Robot 2000steemCreated with Sketch.

in drawing •  2 years ago 


there was some debate today in the @minnowsupport discord channel fiction workshop room as to who would own the copyright to this character.

@rhondak or @gmuxx

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I can't unsee that. Having said that, I would buy a coffee mug with it on it.

This is hilarious. This should be my profile pic for a while. LOLOLOL!

Make it a greeting card, a mouse pad, a coffee mug, and split the profits ;-)

I think that would work. There's also websites that turn drawings into plush toys

I'm fairly sure it was my idea ;-)

Too late. I registered it.

I believe we may be witnessing the birth of an Urban Legend having nothing to do with my UL contest. I feel like the next contest should be a short story of any genre starring this little scamp.

I think there's a trilogy in there somewhere.

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