Where is this drawing from? Win 20 Steem Contest

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On my quest to find new things to draw and to randomly look at something and think "hey I should try draw that" without giving it much thought and halfway through realize it was going to be much harder than first anticipated I figured I could turn this into some kind of contest where the readers need to figure out where my reference is from.

Here is the drawing

This may not be easy so I will give you a couple hints as this is the first contest and all.

Hint 1: If you've seen it once you may have seen it more times.
Hint 2: It has been mentioned somewhere in my still active posts.

Good luck, have fun!

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The Expanse?

Haha that was fast xD

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Reference is from the intro (which explains the first hint):

Gratz xD you won, rofl.

That was fast! :D

Yeah maybe I made it too easy : p

or I'm just that great at drawing! Yeah let's go with that

Both assumptions are true.


didnt expect that.
that went quick

thanks buddy :)

Congratulations :)

Thanks buddy!

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Well, it has already been answered so I will wait for another contest.

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garou - one punch man?

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One Punch Man

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I really thought it was from Interstellar 😁 like the big planet being Saturn or Gargantua!

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hahaha... even I guessed it. and that I have against me the language barrier :)


I draw too but im scared to show my art and someone steals my work as i spend alot of time on them.

Let's see what you've gat. You might be good but you wont believe in yourself. You might also be corrected snd get better over time.

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The Expanse. Oops I am late

Saturn...:) With a little bit of space Odyssey on the side :)

Ia it any good? :)

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I would've said Interstellar even though I've watched the whole Expanse series 🤔

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