Garou from One Punch Man

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One of my favorite new characters in an Anime is surprisingly a "bad guy", but I got a bit fascinated with him and his backstory and reasoning, it's a bit silly of course but was glad he was included the way he was in the second season of One Punch Man. Even though I haven't drawn Saitama (the main character) yet I wanted to start out with Garou and found a nice reference from another artist that was in black and white with some blood on top. With my limited pens that I have with me here I figured this could work out well and at least add some color to it since my previous drawings have none. It turned out alright, I spent way more time on this one than the dragon drawing previously. Took my time getting the proportions of his face right and then adding that thicker outline once I was happy with it, the shadowing took some time even though it was mostly just the hair, I'm pretty sure the hair took 2/3rds of the time than the rest, and then the blood took some good amount of time as well although I kinda failed with filling where it was supposed to be blank. (I'm sure you'll notice where by comparing to the original) Next time I think I'm just gonna fill it as I go to not get confused by all the lines, but I improvised a bit and it turned out alright either way I think. So here's the drawing and under it the reference with a link to possibly the original artist that drew it (there were so many copies on google, thanks @hiddenblade for helping me look for the original).




Since I'm in a drawing mood lately, got any suggestions on what to draw next?

(preferably anime or something non-digital with easy visible lines to draw with pencils)


Wow you draw really well!

I don't know if you were into the pokemon cartoons, but I'd love to see you draw Charizard!

Check out @pokemon :) but I was a kid when I drew them.

Now that you've sharpened you drawing skills, why don't you give the original ones a go once again ;)

They're extremely good as your first drawings! I can only imagine how cool they would be now!

I'd say that's pretty good! I couldn't draw a stick man myself haha

This character is a beast, a pity that the second season of the anime does not have the same quality as its first season, but at least in the manga it looks spectacular.

Nice work man! :)

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