Art By Ishmeet, My 9 Years Old Daughter

in draw •  5 months ago


Today Ishmeet drew this girl with lot of fruits, juices, candies and many type of ice cream around her. These are the fruits, juices and ice cream flavors Ishmeet likes.

What type of ice cream flavor is your favorite? Which fruit do you like?

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It's been a long time but wow, I can see much improvement in her drawings. She's really doing great with adding detail now. That's so exciting to see. <3

[edit to add] My favorite ice cream is green mint chocolate chip and my favorite fruit is...? I don't know! I like them all. :)


Thanks @merej99. Ishmeet loves you. She do a lot of art and drawings but I don't have time to post all of her work, still post time to time. She has improved a lot!