Why The Drama?

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Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains. - Arul Rose

Oh, what would life be without all the drama.

Social networks are an ideal breeding ground for artificial irritation.

Some teasing, some triggering, a little downvote - and a loving father bangs up and becomes a dreaded troll, starting to use words he never used before.

How come that in digital networks people lose their temper over apparently unimportant details so quickly? What was first: chicken or egg, media or troll?

Maybe we do confuse anonymity with a jester's licence.

The fact that we're able to hide ourselves behind an avatar, doesn't mean that we're free to do whatever we want - especially if other people are involved.

What falls by the wayside while we go crazy about nothing, is one of the most essential components in communication: respect.


Why so nervous?

A lot of scientists and authors have started to do their research about the growing irritability in our digitalized society.

Many of them come to the conclusion that one of the central issues is a lack of education.

There's no training needed to open a social media account and to start blog posting the hell out of it. On one hand, the open access to those communities is one of their greatest benefits, on the other hand it implies a risk for people, for human rights and moralities.

Digital communities are still in their infancy - a brand-new gadget that comes without any instruction manual.

Now we find ourselves in that multicolored pot of emotions that comes to the boil in no time, and nobody taught us how to behave and act properly.

Barriers are low when I don't need to look my dialogue partner into the eyes, and it takes a good portion of education and a strong set of human values to not step into the trap and take advantage of that digital shield.

Yes, I've stepped into that trap, too, and I definitely regret it. That's exactly one of the reasons why I've begun to rack my brains about the why.

Why can't we just talk to each other like human beings.

Captured in Soho, New York (2017)

Big times for the @dramatoken.

It's a fantastic tool to de-escalate, a playful way of saying: c'mon, you just stepped over the edge - and you know it.

Well done, @whatsup 🙂

We need more of it: more playful tools, more winks, more de-escalation, more serenity and more social instinct.

Digital networks are briliant concepts that are definitely able to enrich our lives in many ways. We shouldn't jeopardize that only because we're unable to control ourselves.

Let's debat about things and stop attacking each other on a personal level. It's totally okay to not agree with someone else - healthy discussion is exactly what keeps a network alive.

But you don't need to hate in order to disagree, and you don't need to hurt in order to win.

Remember: Whenever you start a conversation online: try to act as you would act in a face-to-face situation. Respect the human being that's sitting on the other end of the line. When feeling attacked, take a deep breath, hold on for a moment and think twice before texting back. The smarter person gives in.

Let's make social media more social.

Much love,
Marley -

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Hello @surfermarly, according to you, our behavior must be the same in person as when we interact in a social network or would be something like if you put on a mask you transform, many people use the masks of drugs and liquor to transform themselves, but others simply create a profile in a social network and let out the hidden inner self and appears an unknown being for those who interact with him or her. The world would be better and more harmonious if we are always authentic. Thank you for your words...

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Years ago, before the internet, the "bad apples" didn't have a platform to spread their [fear, hate, misinformation, etc...].

With social media, they now have a very far reaching platform that has no requirements to enter - so, the easily influenced individuals are bombarded and slowly start believing all they read.

I shudder to think what might have happened if folks like Hitler/Stalin/Mussolini had access to such a perfect propaganda engine as the internet. It has the capability of removing the borders that usually separate feuding parties.


I was waiting for someone to issue that token :-)) Hehe, thanks!

Your welcome. Enjoy the drama token. Cheers

I almost missed this some how! lol... Great observations and yeah there is a lot of drama, now days a lot of it happens off chain.

I know it has been done but here's another

Hehe no probs, I heard our postings will be here forever :-))

Thanks for the token, that was sweet!
Have a nice day, @whatsup - whether with or without the drama.

Cause we're all on discord :-))

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I once stepped into a chat room and tried using the "poo" emoji. They all freaked out and kicked me out of the building and told me to never come back. I thought everyone liked the poo emoji.

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Haha, how could you dare?! :-))

Lol I'm in prison now.

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Digital education depends on the full back. As the popular saying goes: A stupid happy people, is a governable people. See Germany

The smarter person gives in.

🖕that line looks macro when compared to other lines but it carries huge moral value dear Marlene.

Your posts these days concerning human values are beginning to change so many ill-behavior in the way we socialize, please keep it up. I’m sober.

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People life getting destroyed on social media and some are been rebuild. Just a matter of time. Probably the social media is

How does one teach or learn respect? I believe that respect is what is really missing in most negative engagements online.

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Dear @surfermarly I identify with your publication, I think we can be better people if we respect others, either personally or via virtual.
Virtual communication allows you to meet many people, who may or may not be your friends, but maybe that does not matter much when your message can reach and like others, also with it on your way you can find wonderful people who give you a word of breath or a smile
Since I was in steem a year ago, I have met many very kind people and the success of this friendship has been effective communication based on respect, cordiality and sincerity. I am delighted to have found you on twitter and instagram and to be able to learn about your achievements in surfing. I share a hug.
Good vibes.

Con todo mi cariño y aprecio: @angelica7

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I've often wondered about the dramatically low levels of civility around the intertubes.
This is an attempt to formulate thoughts around this:
I think it might be considered a dialect for the internet and a release valve.
Many just assume this is the way we communicate, and it can be fun to write things like: "YOU RUINED MY DAY!!!!einseins111". This becomes apparent when you ask what exactly is sooo terrible. Then they say: "oh, it's just this minor thing. Nothing big really." Or: "I never thought somebody would read this."

And then there are trolls of course. That's a different animal.

The worst is dRama. Who shows up at the scene of the crime, only to hand out more knives, gasoline and pitchforks ;)

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