DRAMA and NewSteem

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Will there still be DRAMA on NewSteem?

Of course there will be! dRAMA here to say we are looking forward to seeing NewSteem and I am pretty sure we will be quite active during the transition.

Where ever you find DRAMA you fine people who care...

DRAMA is a Steem-Engine token that trades https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=DRAMA

It is issued by those who hold 10 DRAMA and are not on the Blacklist.

If you own 10 DRAMA you can issue new tokens by typing...

Thoughts questions or comments?

Stop by SteemChat on Discord, home of dRAMA




That's (flag)for upvoting @anthonyadavisll!


To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Sixteen hours in and I am still the only comment?....I told you to stop hanging out with that Beer dude, nobody likes the stale smell of last night's beer, get a shower, shave, brush your teeth and it wouldn't hurt to change your clothes.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Beer and drama go together. 😂

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Lol, that must have been some drunken brawl that it's taken you seven days to recover enough to comment.

No I just saw this earlier.

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I know I was just playing around trying to be funny...lol.


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Drama llama bamma drama's on!

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Is this enough drama for you, @dramatoken?

I have purchased 170 drama tokens.

It looks like your dispute link space has expired,

you can send me a link #DRAMA discord, looking me at @helmibireuen

! Dramatoken

Beware of this token - it is worthless.

The issuer blocked me - and the token lost all the value.

The promise of a free world isn´t existing here - a token that you own and can not use is bullshit.

The policy of the issuer is questionabel - especially after flags and downvote attacks.