The prayer cord: Part 1

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Uncle chibuzor happened to be our prayer cord.
When he prays, lighting spark, thunder strike.
His prayer life is so much admiring, his way of praying is like that of the Elijah we read about.

Everybody love to see Uncle chibuzor leading prayer, because whenever he held the mic, we are set to pray.

We always know when we start to pray, but the time we stop nobody knows. Chibuzor has ushered us into realms and dimension of spiritual operations, we all begin to pray on our own without anyone telling us to pray.
Prayer becomes our daily doze and a our must do activity every time.

Our coming together every Wednesday to pray is always a thing of joy because we all know that we are traveling that night, whenever we choose to bend the kneels, even the head bow, the sound of our prayer is a sound of groaning, our method of ascending into prayer realms is as that of solemn sound that only immortal men can comprehend.

Our life changed like day and night,Our holidays at home always terrifies the principality and powers in our territories.

Mummies and daddies desired us to come home often but we love to stay because when we stay we love to pray.
The impart of our prayer cord has transformed our lives and renew our strength.
Every fellowship wanted to see uncle chibuzor praying , so many programs are organized that he may come to lead prayers.
.chains are broken at the sound of his voice, demons cried out when he holds the mic.
The ground shakes, the walk crack because and ambassador from heaven is chanting.

To be continued.......

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