Drag Racing NHRR 2008 National Hot Rod Reunion Bowling Green KY Hi- Lites

in drags •  2 years ago 

Video by Frank Kunkel, Top Fuel Final, 2:00 King & Marshall AA/FD towering one wheel Wheelstand, 4:35 55 Chevy Gasser wheelstand, 5:10 AA/Fuel Altereds Rat Pack and Nanook, 6:35 Justin Grant's Wonderwagon Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car guest driven by Mike Lewis, 8:30 Two Cad Motor Dragster, 9:35 Geezer Gasser wheelstanding action, 10:15-12:35 Some footage of Cacklefest. DVDs available at www.nostalgiadragvideos.com (very reasonably priced)

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