Operation Dragonslayer: info from a hongkong investment banker 2.0.2S

in dragonslayer •  last year

I met this guy (a Chinese banker) about 6 years ago on a dance festival. He boasted how China basically owns the world and was pretty confident about it. I was curious how he'll handle it so I went ahead and showed him Bitcoin charts. The guy flew home first chance he got and I never saw him again.

I heard about Operation Dragonslayer a couple of days ago. I immediately remembered this guy and quickly went to contact him. I had a feeling he knew something valuable. I knew who and when the attack will happen but I didn't know which coins will be pumped and in what order. So he asked for 0.8 BTC to reveal everything he knows.

The things I learned:

  • how to compute the exact timing of the attack (hint: difficulty)
  • which coins will be pumped and in what order
  • all the ALTs Chinese bet on longterm
  • why Chinese "got us by the balls" on all things crypto

Contact me for a deal.

realmojo> hi man
realmojo> i hope you are the one i’ve been looking for for some time
realmoj0> a couple of years ago we briefly met via my ex [censored] at the swing fest and i showed you something interesting
realmojo> do you remeber?
jeffry42> You are the bitcoin guy??
jeffry42> You must be rich by now. What’s the matter?
realmojo> hehe, not quite yet
realmojo> but i was hoping you will help me with that
realmojo> have you heard of “Operation Dragonslayer”
jeffry42> That depends.
jeffry42> How curious are you?
realmojo> a lot. I know the who and the when but not what coins will be pumped and in what order
realmojo> i was hoping maybe you could help me with that
Jeffry42> 1Ajmb9A2boyor2ZvXYE74RwpXBW4pRrvjE
jeffry42> 0.8 BTC (or ~$4.999 in $YEN on my Croatian bank acc)
realmojo> man
realmojo> i gave you the bitcoin info for free back then
jeffry42> Sucks to be you. That is not how I roll.
jeffry42> I’ll give you one piece of info for free.
jeffry42> http://disney.com/
jeffry42> We got you by the balls so to speak.
realmojo> sec.
realmojo> 2 conf. any time now
jeffry42> The operation will take place the moment the next ...


jeffry42> Our whales combined own about a 11 million BTC and that will be the down pressure just from our side.
jeffry42> Now the interesting part.
jeffry42> The value from BTC will be pumped directly into XXX
jeffry42> The people catch up and start buying as well.
jeffry42> At the right time, the dump happens again, but this time all the value goes to YYY.
jeffry42> This will hopefully destroy YYZ for good.
jeffry42> Only after all the value is transferred, we do the intended thing:
jeffry42> Slowly buy ZZZ.
realmojo> How can I trust this information?
jeffry42> You can’t. As I said, we got you by the balls.
realmojo> What exchanges will be used for this attack?
jeffry42> All of them.
realmojo> Any alt coins you guys see as viable longterm?
jeffry42> a.
jeffry42> b.
jeffry42> c LOL
realmojo> what do you think this will do to crypto economy in general?
jeffry42> In the log run this won’t matter.

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I reposted this here:
You can buy the full info on that page as well.

How many eyeballs and only three votes??? Four including mine.

What's going on with that?

Just found you on yours.org and have enjoyed reading this. Sadly can't afford the $100 paywall currently but am seriously interested to get to the other side.

All the best to you in achieving your goal.


Hey man, you blogged about me and generated a lot of attention. I would like to invite you into our silly group. Mail me at dev@damsvet.si

So I posted this to my local crypto group on FB (http://coin.si/).

The post was approved at first but deleted a couple of minutes later. And I got removed from the group without warning.

I guess if I'm wrong the STEEM blockchain will be eternal proof of my stupidity...


I contacted the mod that approved the post in the first place and asked what's going on. I got a response that he'll ask around who deleted and why.


The reply was basically 3 options and none of them gives a green light to sharing this info...

I have also posted to my local tech forum:


Here is a screenshot:

So far the post is still alive, let's see how it goes.

About dragonslayer.

I posted this link to Slovenian crypto group on FB.

It went through review but then got deleted after a couple of minutes. I was removed from the group without warning.


I understand whales don't like what they read but people, how much will the noobs lose if it's true?

You can at least warn your fellow Slovenians.


The post didn't get much response, so I've opened a new topic, calling for a warning on the top of their page:


Here is a screenshot:


I'm basically saying, it might be a FUD but if it is the warning might make a 2% drop in BTC price...

But what if it's not??

Great man ...

Following you, you can also follow me if you please.

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