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Some of my random dragon drawings had long snoots like yours XD Yours look much nicer than mine though XP

That is a really cool deck. I have a dragon Tarot deck that I do attempt to use sometimes (I don't think I'm a cards/stones kinda person though I find them fun to otherwise play with) but admittedly I bought it mostly because of the artwork.

What was The Deck of Many Things used for?



This gives an interesting break down of what the deck does.


Ahh so something to use while playing.



That link was a fun romp down memory lane!
Reminds me of the fun effects of the Wand of Wonder but way more serious...

Ohhh!! I love it :D
Thank you for sharing ^-^ They are all beautiful and adorable!

That beer stein is so cool! Are you intrigued by eyes when you do you art work?


Eyes seem to be what I always start with and I work my way out.

It is one of the first times you shared animals and magic things! I quite like it, I am focusing a lot into abstract lately and it is very inspiring for me.

Wow. I really love your dragons. Those are some of the prettiest I've seen. I'd love to have a copy of that deck too. The art is great. I've never used any cards with D&D, but I collect decks of cards just for fun, for the art. I've been playing around with ideas for 3-D prints too. I'd like to make pendants or something jewelry-like. I'd so buy a mug with one of your prints on it, though. I collect those too lol.

In other news, I just noticed you left me a gift the other day. Thank you for that! Very kind of you and much appreciated. <3

  • What are your favorite decks to collect?

  • Hmm, I don't know if AG is selling any more D&D decks it has been some time now. I had a shapeways account for 3d printing but it was pretty expensive at the time to get anything printed. I bet now there are a lot more cheaper options around.

Here is something I printed and it was crazy expensive. I think like 120US after shipping and handling fees - medal fees and such too
The 3d print of the dragons was another artist's on the teams 3d work and where quite brittle in the end and the wing just snapped off in shipping.

  • It was my pleasure - Really digged that bunny/egg article and am looking forward to reading more.

Oh it's completely random - what I like. Standard playing cards or little card games based on whatever I happen to see and like the art on. Last one I bought was Cat Lady Old Maid. I feel like it suits me, lol. I watch Kickstarter all the time for new ones. They've always got a ton. The deck I take with me camping is Permaculture themed from a Kickstarter done by Permies. I'm all over the place with it. I just like them for the novelty.

Now my stuffed animal collection. That's starting to get out of hand. They might take over soon. Hope they don't ever get the mind to start a mutiny. I'll be facing a mighty fluffle.

I've never ordered any prints. I've seen some beautiful designs I definitely would love to have made, though. But like you said, sucks to spend all that money and have it turn out to be brittle, or just not as nice as you'd hoped. I like your Vitruvian print. Looks nice. That's similar to what I've been thinking to make.

And yeah, I'm already thinking on my next silly post. We'll see what I can come up with.