Dragworld London 2018

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Having watched all 10 seasons of Ruplaul's Dragrace and All Stars, the thought of meeting so many queens under one roof, could not be better.

Ticket booked, I did not know what to expect but when the doors open and you have a giant shoe to your left and a giant compact mirror and lipstick to your right, you know you are in the right place. Just in case you don't a giant D R A G in the middle just to make sure.




The pink stage to the pink catwalk was just oozing in talent. Watching Athena Love do her act which she was not allowed to do at her school talent show. To Alaska doing her song live with Jiggly. The UK queens hit the rest of the catwalk and showed that UK drag is just as good in our backyard. Cheryl Hole. Ophelia Love.


Click Play - Cheryl Hole

Click Play - Alaska Thunderfuck 5000


The que for Katya and Courtney was the longest by far. Alaska and Violet and miss Fame, Tatiana I did not see at there stalls at all. Phi phi Ohare had weird Primark bags background. Manila Daren Juju Bendelacreme Ginger Jinx Farrah Biblegirl were all there.



Bebe and Blair were no shows.

DragKings also came out and did killer shows. Benjamin Butch. Rhys's Pieces.

The merchandise was awesome but super expensive. Most stalls you have to buy merch to take a picture with said queen. Most t-shirts were £30. Signed picture £20 so it can add up pretty quickly. NYX was 20% off so bonus.





Next year is a must in my diary.

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Hahaha Great video's I cant believe you got in so nice and close. I did a youtube search and your video's are by far the best!

Great post and thanks for sharing, I really enjoy original content like this.


Right place at the right time. Thank you.

Great post I am sorry I missed it! Thanks for sharing I loved the video of Alaska.


Thanks for watching and commenting. Alaska was my highlight.