I'm NOT making an accusation. However, it is impossible to ascertain that upvotes on this post aren't purchased. Small, wrinkled bags of unmarked bills may have been passed between shadowy characters clad in trenchcoats on unspecified remote schoolyards, and we wouldn't know.

But, yeah, this is a good post, and I'm happy to see it.

FWIW I have never, and will never, use vote bots or buy votes.
I'm pleasantly surprised my post got the attention it did.

I don't blame you for feeling accused, which is why I first pointed out I wasn't making an accusation. Just like you pointed out that secret ballots cannot be undertaken on the blockchain trivially, I simply mean that it is no less difficult to ascertain that no quid pro quo exists for votes.

Posts that transform our understanding of the world cannot get supported strongly enough, and you have posted one here.

Fair, I just also felt the need to defend myself to the reader :)