Hi welcome the Dporn community looking forward to having you here.

Thank you ❤️

Welcome to community

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Thank you ❤️

welcome aboard the steem train. I gave you a follow. I think the @dporn community has a lot of potential.

Thanks for the follow and the welcome! I’m excited to be here and have big hopes for the community ❤️

there are other things to get involved with as well, not just photos or videos. I have an interest in other "tribes" and earn other token along with steem. You'll find your way and you will also find other members who are happy to help teach you about things. It can be pretty daunting at first.

Thank you! I’ll try to post as often as I can.

Welcome @thescarletletter.
Also, get verified on the website here.

Looking forward to what you produce ❤️

Not all of this is "porn" - the "tube" site will be the porn but they are opening up to pictures to start.

Oh didn’t know there was another site, I’ll get that done in just a bit.

Thanks for the warm welcome. ❤️

Yes, you wouldn't have known , plus some verification is fine like this ,but we offer "content creator" help through our personalized content area which is being built out. Help explain how to cash out, what Steem/Dporn is and help with any other questions you may have. Kind of a help center. Thanks for mentioning it.

Oh that makes sense, thanks for clarifying!

Following up on introduction and verification posts, i am seeing some more spicy funny ones these days :-)

Playful definitely more preferred, great job and welcome to Steem blockchain.

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I really liked that, and there's an upvote for that


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