Verification and Intro

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Hi Everyone,

This is our Verification for Dporn, and our Introduction.

Please-daddy is a joint-venture. It features the fictitious erotic writings from two Steemians: @futuremind and @akiroq. We've decided to not sign off on the posts to keep who wrote each post a mystery. It might be @futuremind, or it might be @akiroq. You never know...


We created this alt account purely to keep this type of content separate from our Every-day Blogs. But, there is no reason that we have to hide our identities. We both believe that sexuality is not something which humans should be ashamed of. It's perfectly natural! And, it's also OK for people to have different tastes in what exactly they like.

We're very excited about Dporn and looking forward to interacting with the community!

-Futuremind & Akiroq


Hey there, @please-daddy,
nice to see there are porn writers on as well! Personally, the written word is my favorite type of porn, so I'm looking forward to reading your posts.
As for the hiding part, I also don't think sex and porn should be hidden, unless of course that's exactly what turns you on, the way others may imagine you. Though it is great to see the faces you two. :-) You're looking good.
Anyway, I'm having high hopes for this platform, and the many interesting users we are bound to encounter.

Thank you, it's a lot of fun. We really enjoy it!
We're very excited about Dporn. This is great!

I agree with you; "Sexuality is not something which humans should be ashamed of."

We're thrilled to be here. Thank you so much for the warm welcome @dporn!

Very much appreciated @blanchy, Thank you! :)

Good to hear that there will be more that just full frontals on dporn :)

Also good to see a verification of sorts. I don't expect those posing nude to do the same as you guys, but something to show the photos/video's aren't just ripped off the net somewhere would be nice.

Good luck!

Thank you for the kind words Asher.

Yeah, there is bound to be some inauthentic material in this space, but hopefully it doesn't get too out of control.

I agree, no need to hide your sexuality. Well unless your parents check your blog. Oops, I fucked up there. Had to make a new account myself. But hey, at least I’m still able to share my sexual endeavors.

Looking forward to seeing what all you all post. Just gave you a follow.

Parents visiting the blog is certainly a good reason for an alt in this case lol.

Thank you for the kind words @discostick, we're excited to be here, and look forward to seeing your content as well :)

I guess that’s what I get for getting my family on Steem. At least they are earning some tokens.

This is gonna be great!

Congratulations @please-daddy!
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Thank you very much for your support. We appreciate it @arcange.

Thank you, we're excited to be here!

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