Part 2 - Luscious

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Hello lovers,

Nikita here with the second part to my Erotic Story told on the pod, and also posted on here… if you’d like to hear the first and then the second part told by yours truly, then head over to Apple or Spotify and listen to The Kinky Kast - Episodes 11 and 12!

Here’s my story;

Sandy caresses the guys penis in her hands just smoothly rubbing it to start. “You like what happened here?” She asks as they both watch the others continue to pleasure the restrained women with the vibrators and fingers sliding deep inside their vaginas and asses. “I’d like it even more if I could be participating in such actions with you my lady.” The guy replies. Sandy gives him a quick wink and then gets down to business once again.

Sandy drops down to her knees as she gets eye level with the penis that’s standing very erect before her. She starts by licking the tip, teasing him with her tongue. The guy begins to shake with pleasure, as Sandy slides her tongue up and down the sides of his penis, now. Not fully taking that dick in her mouth, just yet. As she loves to give a good tongue tease first. The guy then finds his hands have cupped the back of Sandies head and he is now urging her to get on and go as deep as she can with that fine mouth of hers. Sandy reacts to this subtle hint of his and swallows that full 7 inches. Only briefly stopping when the gagging gets too much, but then getting back to giving her super sucker once she catches her breath.

Sandy sucks on this penis until he cums… not only once but 3 times. Each time making his body tremble more and more with each orgasm. “My god baby!” He exclaims. “That was just too good to be true!” Sandy gives him a look of “oh yeah? Well just wait!” She goes over to the kitchen counter and pours herself another drink. The others are just relaxing now themselves. They got quite the show, as they also watched keenly as Sandy and her partner got down and dirty too. “Perhaps it’s time to unleash the sluts from the wall now…” Sandy goes. The women smile at that thought. Perhaps they’re getting sore from being tied to a wall, unable to move much while they got some exotic fun earlier. Not that they were complaining.

Sandy releases the women from their restraints and then brings out her Twister mat. “A game of seductive Twister anyone?” She asks the group. “What exactly is…Seductive Twister?” Asks one of the women. “Well…” Sandy goes. “In a game of regular Twister… people get all twisted up together but they keep their clothes on and no one gets any sexual ideas running through their heads.” “Now with Seductive Twister… the first rule is… NO CLOTHES!” Sandy smiles big with excitement. “You’re also allowed to stick your penises, fingers, tongues… what have you… in any hole that is near you… sometimes someone gets lucky in that ALL their holes are filled during this game.”

Everyone gets in position. Sandy is the referee in this exotic game. She spins the wheel and directs people to place their limbs accordingly. Everyone is getting right into the game as bodies are touching one another and holes are getting filled. Penises entering wet and dripping mouths and vaginas. Mouths wetting dicks enough that they can then enter asses. Soon enough the whole group is now in an orgy as they’re all fucking some type of hole. They play this game until they all fall down onto to the floor from exhaustion. 1000% pleasured.

The group then starts to decrease as people start to realize the time and that some had to in fact be at work in a couple few hours. All of them gave their thanks to Sandy as she put on quite the event. “There is a reason they call me Lucious…” Sandy said. From that day on, everyone knew where to go to have one helluva time.

I hope you all enjoy it. I enjoyed writing it. Also… here,


Mwah 💋

Nikita x


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