Erotica Here We Go…

in #dporn3 years ago

Guuuuuuys, and ladies!!

I’m going to be doing storytelling on the show! Give everyone a little taste of what I’m capable of! To maybe… inspire some of you to support not only the podcast we have together (also not only Jules… but all of you!)… but also our bills! To be completely straight up with everyone. With that being said… those of you that have in fact purchased product and/or services, THANK YOU! Continue to save 20% on all your purchases until Sept. 22! Your products are on their way soon!

It’s just with work and being a mom that like I always say… our side kinks get a little left until last. We are lucky if we can get our episodes out on time sometimes. BUT… would we have it any other way? No! This is merely… ADULTHOOD. Life gets a little crazy sometimes. You just gotta grab it by the balls and hold on for the ride.


Enjoy this quick shot! Until we meet here again lovers!

Nikita x


awesome shot

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