Episode 11 - Thirsty Thursday

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Hello loves,

Kita here to let you all know that episode 11 is now dropped. Yes we give some tips, and some personal experiences… but we also introduced EROTICA! Tune in today if you’d like to be read a couple short stories. We did this to get you all encouraged to purchase one of your own PERSONAL EROTIC STORIES!

Also… as of today… BOGO on all EROTICA in our PlayStore. So be sure to keep your eyes open for the coupon code that I’ll be creating today. You can also bundle and save when you place orders with us directly! You can do so by going to our PlayStore at…


Scroll to the bottom and submit your email directly to us!

Also be sure to subscribe to our official site to keep in the loop on things first! You’ll also receive your own copy of the story in your inbox to treasure forever.


Speaking of…






Here’s my story that’s featured on today’s episode!


Let me know what you guys think… part II is coming up next Thursday! I’ll forever share them with my family of kinky people here!


Nikita x

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