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RE: What Is Your Favorite Holiday Treat???

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  • Thumbprint Cookies (fruit filled/chocolate dropped/etc)

Since you said "favorite" not "favorites" it has to be thumbprint cookies, with buttercream frosting, topped with red & green sugar crystals! I started making them just before I met hubby, and now they've become part of our holiday tradition. I've even given away plates of cookies as gifts before. ❤️ 💚

Still haven't made the first batch for this year, but now I might try and do it tomorrow -this post has me craving them now. 😂

Glad I caught the link to your post on #PYPT tonight. 😊 🎄


Ahh, tried to edit in a picture, but it didn't work (not surprising, since it's a vote thing). So here it is...


Super Yummy! I like dropping peanut butter cups or hershey's kisses in em. My ma does it with this raisin and whip cream patte (sp?) she makes is really good too.


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