Which language should we support next on State of the DApps?

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Which language should we support next on State of the DApps?

Thanks to wonderful support of the Chinese Steem community, especially @livinguktaiwan, @itchyfeetdonica, @wilhb81 and @honoru, we have managed to translate the most important public facing parts of State of the DApps in Chinese. This is a major help in spreading the words about Decentralized Applications (and thus Steem) to a wider international audience.


So what is next? After English and Chinese, the following languages are spoken by most of our visitors interested in DApps: Korean, Russian, Spanish, German and French.

Help us pick which language we should focus on, vote below, leave a comment why you think this language is the best good choice and if you can help in translating.

  • Korean 🇰🇷

  • Russian 🇷🇺

  • Spanish 🇪🇸

  • German 🇩🇪

  • French 🇫🇷

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.


Voted for German 🇩🇪

Voted for German 🇩🇪.

Voted for Korean 🇰🇷.

Voted for Spanish 🇪🇸.

Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world and 2nd as a first language only to Chinese.

Here are your options in order of approximate total speakers...

Spanish — 500 million, 4th most spoken
French — 300 million, 5th most spoken
Russian — 300 million, 7th most spoken
German — 100 million, 12th most spoken
Korean — 80 million, 20th most spoken

Btw, I bring these figures up because while you probably already know which is the next most common for users of youdApp these speak to the audience growth potential among (1) non-english/chinese speaking users who don't yet use your app and (2) those in the same subset who don't yet use distributed apps or cryptocurrencies generally.

Voted for Korean 🇰🇷.

Korean & Spanish. Steem has so many folks speaking these two languages!

For spanish Translation, you can take help from @cervantes community. 👌

Voted for Korean 🇰🇷.

I would have gone with Spanish since it is such a widely used language but with such a large Korean userbase I voted that way instead. It appears as if there would be a lot more benifit to it.

Voted for Korean 🇰🇷.

Voted for German 🇩🇪.

Also voted for German 🇩🇪 ^_^

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