RE: Which Steem Project Should I Delegate 20k SteemPower To For 1 Year?

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Which Steem Project Should I Delegate 20k SteemPower To For 1 Year?

in dpoll •  3 months ago

It will be hard for us to reward good people and not reward spammers, because we don't know when people are spamming. Would love to know if you have any good suggestions!

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That's actually rather easy. Only reward points to comments that get upvotes (excluding self-votes) and no downvotes. While some spam might still get rewarded, most spam comments would get nothing.

It's still susceptible to bot-nets/sybil attacks, captive voters, etc. but that can also be managed for with a little more effort. Check what percentage of that accounts upvotes all go to that person. You can algorithmically identify some internal version of the 80/20 rule...

At f first i would change this Point system, maybe it needs a team to give this points to active users, i know its a hard way to hit the spot between a spammer which drops every where posts like this

Johal heute um 07:32 Uhr
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This is SPAM.. using a shoutout on a not own server to gain more ref points.-..

Also i can show you loads of dumb replies under posts like what a nice CAR send by partiko but you wrote an article about politics :D so this is a massive abuse.

You dudes pay then far top much to this spammers which maybe can be used by good stuff... at least i know there is a hard border between it.. but maybe to give this points is maybe the wrong way!


Partiko is doing this spam themselves now. Do you really expect them to take strides to stop their users from abusive behaviors that are exemplified by Partiko's own comments?


yes ill do ...

See All talking about WEE NEED EXTERNAL to get into STEEMIT...

But lets be straight...

NO BIG ONE will go into it as long this is active... Noone brings money into a system where a bot system fish the money, spammers fish the money or at least scammers... But all of it is still in here...

Nobody want multiple accounting and we have it ... If we really want a changeing we need to do a lot of steps backwards...

We need to go back to the roots to a system where quality get rewarded and not this dude with the crap but he paid for it....

We need to stop a lot of this SERVICES ...

all this spamming services hey i will resteem your post to 1900+ accounts.. hey 1899 are fake accounts so who the fu** why i should pay for a service which is a lie hit self ...

As long Steemit is filled with this crap NOONE will go and invest into it!!!

only my 2 cents