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What are your thoughts on the separating of and [10 STEEM Bounty]

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I understand what they are trying to do technically, but I don't understand why the UI has to be screwed up again. Its cool to hide technical improvements behind the frontend. One of the awesomeness of steemit was the integration of the wallet in the website so normal users could just do all in one space.

Also I wish they had told us, so we could have prepared instead of just making all my steemit UI not work anymore.

Lastly instead of just doing these technical things i wish steemit would actually work in bringing functionality that increase utility and makes steem work better for users.

I am glad other teams are driving the development of the blockchain.

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Indeed. Splitting into 2 domains seems like an odd decision to me. I am pretty sure they are able to integrate with Steemconnect and provide an experience which is similar to other Steem interfaces. Users will still be prompted each time for their keys when performing sensitive transactions

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Dear @knircky

To make things worse, they really didn't test it well.

Just go to your own wallet, and then go to "rewards" and open any of links in your "Curation Rewards History". Example:

Why the hell is it trying to redirect to Someone really made a serious mistake :/ And I've no idea how to even let them know, since communication with Steemit Inc and Steemit community doesnt seem to exist (it's more of one way-street).