Almost put snowballs on here but thought it was specific to a certain area of the planet...where are you from?


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I'm in North Carolina, in the USA.


I was first exposed to them as a child when my Mom would make them for baby showers or wedding showers, that sort of thing. She didn't roll them into balls, she rolled them out into thin logs?, about the size of an average woman's little finger and the name on the recipe she had was "Alicia's Pecan Fingers" What ?? ha ha (I don't know who Alicia is) Anyway, in that form they were very delicate because of the massive amount of pecans in them and would break easily.

She also made them at Christmas and you know they didn't last long in a crowd. Since they were my favorites, as an adult I took up the gauntlet and have been the one to make them every year, but instead of leaving them in the delicate finger state, I changed them to balls and then adapted their name to Pecan Snowballs. :)

They will still crumble a little when you bite them and ending up with a little confectioners sugar on your shirt is just part of the experience !

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