What's the best way to create a great user experience on Steem?

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What's the best way to create a great user experience on Steem?

ImpactN has launched its prototype last week. https://busy.org/@impactn/folowing-the-steem-pathway-to-a-purpose-driven-economy-start-of-an-exciting-journey-in-today-s-sos-forum
Today we are already receiving very interested responses from Non-Steemians, eager to join a community of Global Goal projects on Steem. So here is our question now: What's the right way to create a good user experience for these new users, taking into account their specific field of interest? Answering this question will help us a lot in further development of our prototype. Many thanks for your engagement.
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  • Free accounts

  • A good individual rewards flow

  • A guide to ImpactN and Steem

  • Power their accounts up, so they can interact freely

  • Set up mentorships between Steemians and Non-Steemians

  • Interact with them directly through comments and discord

  • Others (please leave a note)

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Voted for Others (please leave a note).

The user experience depends not only on the factors related to the design (hardware, software, usability, interaction design, accessibility, graphic and visual design, content quality, searchability or usability, etc.) but also aspects related to Emotions, feelings, construction and transmission, reliability, etc. It is not only the virtual impact, but also the sensations that it produces. How then to make a user experience well?

We are clear that money will always be a predominant factor when it comes to a user showing interest in this type of platform, I always remember in my marketing training, the lecturer always said: Forget the price, we sell is service, the how a platform interacts with its users on a personal level, produces a high impact effect. Creates ways to understand the emotions of users:
How to measure emotions? The reaction buttons are an example of them, giving the necessary tools so that these people have a sense of belonging and fidelity is what will make the difference.
Imagine that steemit is our home, and we are receiving a guest of great value, how would we start ?, we will welcome you, offer something of the house, deepen conversations, until you are familiar, and we can never let our guest feel alone, the word integration is urgent, a community can not work for separate entities, with individual, selfish benefits, there are many people with talents, and they were never taken into account, they were disappointed, we know that not everyone will be happy, but Equity and justice must also be present.
If steemit, is a social network, which pays for quality content, then that vision must be met. Build trust, not confusion.

A good user experience is a mouth that will preach love and brand your circle.
The technology must be used for a purpose, leave a legacy, otherwise it does not make sense.

Thank you for your answer. We're definitely thinking along the same lines. Setting up our services means finding a balance between monetary incentives and personal services, because time is limited (money as well...). This poll serves the purpose to help us find the right balance.

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This is my thought ..@impactn

Thank you. Good starting point to further design user experience. Maybe a threefold approach could help in systematising this task further: financial experience - social experience - topic-related experience (bad wording, couldn't find anything better for the moment...)
For us the latter is quite important because we want to build a community of people working towards the Global Goals on Steem. Therefore, delivering content enhances user experience.

Excellent @impactn.

Voted for Set up mentorships between Steemians and Non-Steemians.

We need a combination of actions. Delegating to new people will enable them to do more when they start. We don't want them to get frustrated. The main thing is to find good people who will add value to Steem at this stage.

Hi @steevc . Many thanks for your answer. We're just in the process of preparing onboarding for a group of people as part of our prototyping. For a part of them we'll do the delegation ourselves. Is there any initiative on Steem providing some delegations to new users or alternatively willing to upvote on their content (quality asurance is part of our prototype to some extent).?
For more details, please have a look: https://busy.org/@impactn/folowing-the-steem-pathway-to-a-purpose-driven-economy-start-of-an-exciting-journey-in-today-s-sos-forum

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I'm sure there are initiatives that delegate, but I've not looked into it. I have some claimed accounts to give away and I plan to delegate to some of those people. I already delegate half my SP to various people and projects.

BTW if you post your links without the busy.org header they will work on Steemit and other sites too. See this post

Many thanks. Could you please post it again. The link somehow doesn't work for me.

It seems busy is not handling the link correctly. Try this.


This worked. So the other one probably was the one without "https://busy.org" ?

Voted for A guide to ImpactN and Steem.

It would have been great if I had started knowing a lot about Steem - I had watched a few videos about it but when I started out I was still confused.

Voted for A good individual rewards flow.

Voted for Set up mentorships between Steemians and Non-Steemians.

Voted for A good individual rewards flow.

Voted for A good individual rewards flow.

Voted for Free accounts.

Voted for Free accounts.

Voted for Power their accounts up, so they can interact freely.

And some counselling

Voted for A good rewards flow.

Voted for Free accounts.

Voted for A good individual rewards flow.

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More gamification would certainly help...

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