Blockchain projects should focus on which scaling solution ?

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Blockchain projects should focus on which scaling solution ?

In centralized system like paypal and VISA, the number of transactions are really high where as this is an issue in decentralized system.


The decentralized network enables trustless network but at the same time it poses "scalability" issue. This issue should be addressed in order to bring blockchain to main stream. Before the various crypto projects & blockchain technology can find true and wide scale adaptability, there is a requirement to improve the scaling capacity of blockchain, which can be done by:-

  • ** Improving the Tier-1 scaling solution, that is scaling capacity of the blockchain has to improve in order to scale the on-chain transaction at a higher rate.

  • ** Improving the Tier-2 scalability which refers to the development of off-chain solutions.

So which scaling solution do you think blockchain projects should more focus on ?

  • On-chain scaling solution

  • Off-chain scaling solution

  • Can not say

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Voted for On-chain scaling solution.

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Voted for On-chain scaling solution.

Seems more reliable to me but I'm not expert

Voted for On-chain scaling solution.

Voted for On-chain scaling solution.

Voted for On-chain scaling solution.

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Voted for On-chain scaling solution.

Voted for Can not say.

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