Dpoll Post: Best Poll For Monday 11-03-2019-001

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Dpoll Post: Best Poll For Monday 11-03-2019-001

So, yesterday I announced my intention to run an initiative that rewards the best polls at dpoll Check the announcement here

The outcome of which has so far being positive and hence, I am starting the initiative with this post.


What is the plan?

  1. For a day, I will select my three best polls of the previous day and make a poll which allows dpollers/Steemians to vote for the best poll (from my selection) within seven days.

  2. The winner of the best poll is someone with the highest number of votes or first to reach the highest number (if there is a ties). Only votes displayed at dpoll is considered.

  3. One SBI unit will be awarded to the winner of each day.

  4. One SBI or 1 random steemmonsters card will be awarded to one random voter of each poll.

  5. The time displayed on polls at dpoll (I think it's GMT) will be used to distinguish days.

How I Select?

  1. I will select any poll that I judge to be creative, interests me or at least the whole idea behind the poll is better off for a particular day.

  2. A little writing or explanation about the poll might be needed to seduce me.

  3. The poll can be of any topic be it Steem or non-steem related as long as is great but Steem related polls would have a higher chance of being selected.

  4. Phycology has it that I might favor those who are actively voting on polls as I am only human to be acquainted with them.

  5. I will not select my polls and I believe it is fair enough to hide behind the reason that I cannot sponsor myself with SBI since I am sure to win everyday and throughout :)

  6. I might not select a poll that is a repetition of another poll that had been created before.

  7. The title, body (if any) and suggestions are taken into consideration. Thus, just a seductive title might not be enough.

This is just the beginning, I believe I might edit this post to add or remove some points as this initiative progresses.


My selections may never be perfect. Whatever be the case, I am not liable to answer any questions, explanations or criticism.

That being said, lets roll the first dice.

Best Poll For Monday 11-03-2019 Selections

  1. 60% More STEEM Are Now On Exchanges. What Are Your Thoughts? asked by @vimukthi

  2. How do you make trades/investments? by @niel96

  3. 200 steem or 2000 SP which one? asked by @bobskibob

Who should the winner be?

Make sure to vote at dpoll and you can do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for your time!


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@akomoajong 12/03/2019

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.


:) thank you everyone that voted for me and especially @akomoajong for organising this

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You are very much welcome Sir 😊

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Lol nice gesture but others (including me) still hung the price on you 😀

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@bluerobo thanks for upvote 🙏👍🍻

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Woooo go team @bobskibob!

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Ouups! This was a one-man supporter. Better luck it Niel next time. Thank you for taking the poll.

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Woot! First voter. Down into the history books :)

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No need. It's on a blockchain. Will stay there forever ;)

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Every vote stays on the blockchain forever but this one is special because it might be quoted someday or remembered forever :). Will Bob go down into the history books as the first winner? 6days more to know.

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Great! And he wins it!

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Thanks for the wonderful update. And congrats to everyone..You’re being nice. Have a great day

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Congratulations 🎉 your team, team bobskibob wins the first giveaway prize!

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Great! Forward ever, backward never 💪🍻

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