Which Token do you see as the best performing in the next 10 months?

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Which Token do you see as the best performing in the next 10 months?

It's been tough for the crypto market for the last one year. We are in a hope that it will recover soon. Sometimes we buy cryptos which we feel might perform well in future.

Which token / tokens do you see could perform best in the next 10 months till December 2019?

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • XRP

  • EOS

  • Steem

  • Other (please mention)

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Voted for Bitcoin,Other (please mention).


Voted for Ethereum,EOS,Steem.

Cryptos ofthen move together and altcoins outperform Bitcoin in this case.

I want Bitcoin and Steem to perform the best

Voted for EOS,Steem.

Voted for XRP.

Voted for EOS,Steem.

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Voted for Ethereum.

Voted for Steem.

Voted for Steem.

Voted for Bitcoin,Ethereum,EOS,Steem.

Voted for Ethereum,EOS,Steem.

Voted for Other (please mention).

Some tiny marketcap coin


Thanks for the feedback.
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Voted for Steem.