The Result of dPet Christmas Contest 2018~dPet 聖誕節比賽2018

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We have a total of 13 entries for the dPet Christmas Contest 2018!
The 1st winner is @bigsambucca,

@hangin is in the 2nd place

and @happyfree is the 3rd.

Creativity Prize are @jrej, @shasta, and @everydaycoach.

Congratulations to the winners!

We are looking forward to more cute and lovely pet photos from you for the next contest. Grab your camera and shoot some pet photos!

Before we go, please allow us to say one more time: Thank you so much for getting behind dPet! See you till the next contest.

dPet welcomes you to sponsor the event in SBD, together we can grow a bigger prize pool. Here are the delegation links:

20SP| 30SP| 50SP | 100SP

A dPet discord server is at your service, come on over to say hi and make new friends there. Here is the link.

在是次活動中,我們一共收到了 13 個參賽帖子!

第一名 是@bigsambucca ,

第二名 是 @hangin ,

及第三名 是 @happyfree ,

創意獎得主為 @jrej, @shasta, 及 @everydaycoach.





20SP| 30SP| 50SP | 100SP


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Thank you so much @kona and @dpet that was not expected , Happy New Year and congrats to @happyfree and @bigsambucca and all the other entries that i think are all winners :)


yeah...Happy New Year!


And to you to...Cheers :)

WOW...Thank you so much @kona and @dpet what a lovely surprise very much appreciated and congrats to all the other winners !!


congrat. to all winners~

Congratulations to the winners. I hope to schedule my time a bit more and be able to join more often. Great 2019 to all of you.

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welcome to join the monthly vote contest...Happy New Year~

Congratulations 🎉 to the wonderful dpet xmas
contest winners! @bigsambucca, @hangin,
@happyfree! and creative winners @jrej
and @everydaycoach! Woohoo!

Thank you so very much ❤ 🐾 @dpet!
Happy 2019 🎊