Pls go to check yr steem-engine wallet, a little reward for yr delegation at last year😎😎
Thank you for yr always support.

Thank you 🙏

Alright so I purchased a few tokens with what I had in steemp 😉

Do we still continue to use the #dailypetphotography tag or are we switching to just #dpet? I personally think trying to move everyone to #dpet will make for stronger campaigning 🤔

Next question is about tipping and what not, EG !dpet 1 , it's a way of creating liquidity and interest in the market... since it's for the sake of donation it's kind of a double up impact

Thank you for yr purchase.

Now I suggest to use #dailypetphotography, because after the forum is lanuch, all the dailypetphoto will be show up at there.

Good suggestion about the tipping. The tipping system is our next target to build up, now is not working yet. On this stage, I think tipping is the most useful function of token😎😎

Buying tokens... how about I do a wallet transfer?

Well, dang, "transaction error" there too:

And again, after double-checking the password!

So I suggest u to buy dpet token at, because we will launch the tips bot, if you buy dpet token, you will use it later.
If you have any question, feel free to ask again, thanks, give u a hug🤗🤗

Transaction errors no matter how i try it... thought it'd be easier to do a wallet transfer and let you buy the tokens, but no such luck. I'll keep trying.🤗

No problem, take it easy, will help you to buy them, just tell me how many token that you want😎😎

First I have to figure out how to do anything without getting Transaction Broadcast Error....

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