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RE: Bid Bot.. Abuse?

in #downvotes5 years ago

What are bid bots?
Is one? I would like to test it out never did it. Read an article yesterday about someone who became big with it and now fights it. Why?

Can you explain to me how this works. Step by step and I have another question.
If you buy vote so your post will payout, isn't that a lost of 50% of your investment?

Happy day, thanks for the info. 👍💕

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Yes, in fact bdvoter is right up there with @themarkymark's @buildawhale, @rocky1 and (but not limited to) @ocdb with massive delegations from @freedom.

So these all arebid-bots. I asked because bdvoter left me the comment they upvoted a post of mine but I never used them. I might have if I had understood how it all worked as I once started here. That was at a time I thought it must be possible to grow by writing, receiving upvotes and power up.
Thank you for explaining. I wish you a great weekend.

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