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RE: The Downvote Control Tool Proposal is getting funded, thank you very much ! Which features do you want to see first ?

in #downvotes5 months ago

Hello friend @howo can you explain , why you down vote my post. What is the problem my post? Please answer me...


Bid bot abuse

You got downvoted for your content not being worth what you took from the reward pool by buying your rewards.
If we, the community, thought it was worth that much, we would have voted you those rewards on it.

Please let the community decide what rewards you have coming, we like to call it proof of brain.
Proof of wallet is dead here.

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

Tokens will be transferrred when the flagged content reaches payout.

Thank you for reporting this abuse, @freebornangel.

  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.

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You got a 89.53% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @mdmostofa!