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Hello ! It's been a week and the downvote control tool has been very well recieved, I would like to thank you all for that, so far 64 people are either trailing someone's downvote or are countering upvotes. And the post has recieved many suggestions for features.

If you missed the post here's the link :

And the link to the tool is there :

So here's the changelog for the v1.1 :

I've changed the wording on the description of the trail and counter votes options because it wasn't very easy to understand and made people pick the wrong trail (picking counter upvotes when they wanted to follow the downvotes).

I have added the option to set a minimum payout. This is used so that you can focus your downvoting power on the biggest abusers rather than hitting people with low payouts.

One of the biggest suggestion I recieved was to make sure that users don't downvote posts that are already at 0 payout. This is now included by default in the voting bot. I have also made sure not to downvote posts that decline payouts as this is just a waste of downvoting power.

Still open to suggestions

I am commited to make this tool as customizable as possible, so please if you feel like there is any feature missing, write a comment about it.

So far the features that are on the backlog are :

  • Downvote Whitelist (don't downvote these users)
  • Bidbot percentage
  • Minimum word/character count
  • Smarter downvoting to make sure you don't over vote. (if my downvote is worth 1$, don't 100% downvote a post that has a 20 cent payout)

Open sourced code and recent work

Open source code :

The downvote control tool is completely open source so you can easily customize it yourself and add your own spin to it or just copy paste some code snippets that you find in there (like How to get the downvoting power of an user ).

The stack is as follow :
front end :

back end :

voting bot :

work done for this version :

front end :

Back end :

voting bot :

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Excellent update @howo, and thanks for the brain nudge! I'd been meaning to get this setup - however, it kept falling out of my head. 😂

I've already been stalking checking @theycallmedan's downvote choices, but now thanks to this tool, I can do it automatically! 😊

Now for my own update - I just checked on SteemWorld, and Dan did a handful of downvotes, which were mirrored exactly the way I wanted by my account. Thanks again, @howo! 🎉 ✨ 🎉

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~Smartsteem Curation Team

I wasn't aware of this, sounds great, I'll check it out so my downvote doesn't go to waste

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Very good explanation thank you

Thanks for the post it helped allot it was a awesome read

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