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if you are not familiar with the tool, here's the initial post :

tl;dr : This is a tool designed to empower everyone to downvote by creating a toolbox with lots of parameters so that everyone can have their own customized downvoting campaign and target just what they believe is abuse.

You can already find all of the updates live on

Sorry for the latness of the last update ! Most of the changes have been live for a while but I couldn't find the time to write a post about it.

I am still working on the tool from time to time but this is no longer my main focus as I am now working on another proposal, basically testing, reviewing and documenting the next hard fork (smt). I would greatly appreciate it if you could review it and vote on it. Here's a link tot he proposal :

Documenting for future developers

I spent quite a while to write a lot of comments on the backend and the bot part of the tool, for the non developers, it's all the places that actually do the work. I didn't comment the front end (the website that is displayed) because it's simple enough to understand for anyone.

Documentation is very important because the code might be open source but if it's complicated for another dev to submit pull requests, it's value to the community is greatly diminished. And since I will no longer be actively developing it. It was important to make sure that anyone can work on it.

Reworked the settings saving system

This is also part of the "make the tool as simple to develop on by others". I reworked how the settings got saved internally so that it is much easier to add new rules to the tool.


Speaking of rules, I added a new button that allows you to revote. Let's say you are countering the downvotes from an user : bob.

bob downvotes for 1$, so you counter it and upvote for 1$. But then seeing that you countered his downvote, bob changes his downvote to 5$. Previously the user would suffer from 4$ worth of downvotes. But with this option, downvotecontrol will detect that, and revote accordingly.

note that it is off by default. So you will need to login and enable it.

This works for all of the current trails, so trail downvote, counter upvote and counter downvotes.

Date for the executed votes

I have added a date filed for the executed votes, it makes sense to know when you downvoted things after all. The table allows you to sort your votes by date (old to new/ new to old) and it is compatible with the search bar, so you can search for a specific date on it :

bug fixes

I also looked into some bugs that some users came back to me with and fixed them :

  • Fixed a bug that caused some votes to not go through it it was too fast
  • Fixed a bug where the cause would not display correctly for the executed votes table
  • Fixed a bug where the date field would sometimes show the miliseconds.

So that's it for this update. I wish to thank you all for your support on this proposal, and hope you will consider voting on my next one :

the project is not dead, it development will just be much slower. Feel free to submit feature requests and bugs as issues on github :



I use your tool at the moment. But it seems that it misses a good portion of the downvotes that it should follow. Any idea why that could be?

I don't see you in the users list. But most likely your downvoting mana is too low.

I use your service with the threespeak account. The accounts in the list that I follow do cast more downvotes that I can see in the downvote log.

Good job. 👍

Thank you :) And thank you for your continued support on my posts and proposals :)

You’re welcome and keep up the good work! 😉

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Thanks for this great job! I really appreciate your effort @howo

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nice this is awesome, It will be good to downvote bidbots

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Good job bro again. And please support me 🙏 🙏 🙏

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Hi @howo, Do you have any plan to support multi language translation on your

Not at the moment, but if someone were to give me a transalation of all the texts, why not :)

I can be that person give you a Korean translation :) Can I contact to you via telegram?

Question @howo - if I follow a downvote trail for example and would like to avoid downvotes for a certain user, how can that be done?

Whitelist feature is there for that :)

cool ok, so I will check the site and try to work that out :-)