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if you are not familiar with the tool, here's the initial post :

It's been about a week since proposal has started paying out. So it's about time for me to push the first update.

I will do one update every week to add new functionalities. So here we go with the first one !

Keychain support

Highly requested, so this is one of the first features to ship. I had to rewrite a big chunk of the app but it is now live ! You can now use keychain to login and do everything. I also kept the steemconnect login option as I felt that not everyone had keychain.

This is an important feature as many whales don't want to input their keys on a website but would rather use local tools like keychain.

Counter downvotes

This feature allows you to fight abusive downvotes with your upvotes. This is a very important feature as retaliation downvotes happen, and abusers rarely pick someone their own size, so this is a good way to make sure that they will stay put.

Be careful though, this feature still works with ratios (proper calculations based on $ per vote will come next week). So plan your ratios accordingly to not over compensate.


Add the people you don't want to automatically downvote on that list. It's useful if you want to counter the upvotes of an abuser but want to avoid hitting the wrong persons.

Don't downvote 100% to null or steem.dao

Thanks to a recent update. We can now easily set beneficiaries on so we see more and more people selecting steem.dao or null at 100% and then promoting their post (a good example is dtube's recent announcement). So I've added logic to make sure not to waste voting power on it.

You can check all of those new features on

If you like what I do please consider voting for our witness @steempress and for the downvote control tool proposal :



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Does this do perma downvote on a particular author because @koroljova seems to have just been created to downvote me permanently using this tool...?

hey @howo is there a way to check who's following who with downvote trails

Not at the moment, I figured that it was something that people might want to keep private.

ok. seen some downvotes today that i thought added up a little high for the post payout and wondered if one was trailing the other.

all good

I am afraid that if it's open people could easily run retaliation campaigns. And also I know some people wrote their own downvote automation tools so I am not the only source of downvote trails

He/she can actually. Just by countering a 100% upvote by a person that perma upvotes me. He is using your tool to perma downvote me that way and that is how your tool can be used to perma downvote innocent people.

Do you really worry about someone with 15sp downvoting you ? And he could do it with or without me. This tool is all about making the tools available to everyone to level the playing field. And not have like the coders who have tools to automate their abuse and the rest of the community that can't do anything about it.

If you dislike the downvotes from one user, nothing prevents you from using the counter downvotes option and negate his votes.

And yeah he is using the tool but not to target you specifically. Perhaps the account that he trails upvote you all the time making look like he's targeting you.

In China, I can't log in the website normally.

Hello sir. Just an update on the @steemmonsters "bid bot" issue. I brought the new post-hardfork downvote issue to the SM admin's attention, and they were VERY flexible and understanding about the situation, and were QUICK to discontinue the bid-bot and replace it with manual curation, using their SP reserves set aside for this very purpose. I actually agree with this, and they have also improved things so that ONLY game-related posts are now upvoted. They compensated me for the downvote I received on the previous post (which is when I brought this issue to your attention), and then went ahead and gave me a JUICY, proper, manual upvote on my most recent post. So my main point is that I think SOME/MANY of the "offenders" could be more easily sanctioned by simply bringing the issue to their attention and negotiating, INSTEAD of launching a full-on "offensive" against the people who are unknowingly "being bad" by simply using a service they have been presented as legit. Just something to consider going forward. I have been looking over your downvote tools and it looks interesting. I may use it. So I think there has been a "happy ending" in all of this. In the future, though, I think it is best to err on the side of diplomacy...

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