This down voting needs to stop....

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I think everyone is feed up with the down voting issue.

I'm posting this to see how many haters I'll have today.

For my followers, I hope you have a great day ;)



Steemdufus league, there are about 76 accounts that are made and are doin this. Just random downvoting.
They SP is low so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.unless they all hang up on you at once. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Ya it is an annoyance and it shouldn’t be happening.
Many discussions about this at the Steemflagrewards discord.

Love the meme lol..... I understand its a small sp, but it's the anti steemit behavior, which bothers me.

I totally agree. What a pain and why would someone do that? Just plain stupid.

What even is the problem? I got a random downvote on my post, does it have anything to do with the issue?

Yup, lots of people are getting down voted for no reason. Just irritating..

They’re just mad cause they’re jealous :p btw is that the little Asian baby you and Rachel are adopting? Lol

Yup, his name is Yun.... Lol

blog and your post is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, so many people are getting flagged by a group of gnats..... Thanks again bro, much appreciated...

You are welcome

Yeah, this is getting out of control fast. They have 0sp so its not bad, but it still sux. Thanks @weirdheadaches

Think ima have to power up my millions soon 😅

You'll always get an upvote from me @johnnycopper1 :)

Thank you so kindly.... Much appreciated :)

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