UberSoldier II Save File (PC Game Data)

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If you want to simply download and install the UberSoldier II Save File (PC Game Data) for the game, just click the button bellow, run the exe file and your save data should be automatically loaded. You can know more about the game and the save file information bellow.

  • Developer: Burut CT
  • Publisher: Strategy First
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Platforms: PC
  • Setting: World War II
  • Mode: Single-player

About UberSoldier II

UberSoldier II is a captivating first-person shooter that plunges players into the depths of World War II's tumultuous and mystical battles. Developed by Burut CT and published by Strategy First, the game was released in 2008, offering an immersive experience on the PC platform. It stands out with its unique blend of historical warfare and supernatural elements, providing a fresh take on the WWII gaming genre.

The game's narrative follows a resurrected German soldier turned into a powerful warrior with supernatural abilities, tasked with battling against the Nazi forces. With its engaging storyline, enhanced graphics, and challenging gameplay mechanics, UberSoldier II delivers a compelling single-player campaign. The game's innovative use of cover mechanics, combined with the ability to use psychic powers, sets it apart from traditional shooters, making it a memorable experience for fans of the genre.

Game Save Features

  • The game is 100% completed
  • Step-by-step save files with various progress
  • Total saves – 14 by BEZIMYANNIY and 15 by SuN1Sh1nE
  • Difficulty level – Hard (SuN1Sh1nE)
  • Savegame folder location: C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\US2\saves

How to Download and Install UberSoldier II Game Save File with data in PC?

  1. Click the download button bellow (or at the top of the page) to download the save file installer.
  2. Follow the link instructions and enter a password if it's necessary, it's made to protect our servers from bot attacks.
  3. Run the Installer, it's made to easily replace the game save and directly load the save into your game!
  4. Enjoy! That's it, UberSoldier II Save file and all the Data should be automatically loaded the next time you run the game.

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