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When did people die? When the need for this world to run out of or to the world ... people die, only when their contact with their loved ones is created. '

I saw 'dive' in the Iphone. What I like the truth is, like. We've got a lot of drowning. If this image is not actually a movie to visit. The movie to drag and sit alone in the house. Slowly rotating each tree tree in the frame of the frame is noticeable. Maybe there is such a greatness as the world famous and critically acclaimed photo. But the picture actually tells the story of an artist's human relationship. The main character of the story is controversial in the eyes of Javed. But he spent an artificial life.

There is a lot of space and vitality for an artist's personal relationship. Nature does not like vacuum. About the emptiness of the biographical energy created, the society has not been waiting for the artists. So, endless tension with society and family, which ends with death. All of these may be part of nature. Just like the sea is diverse, but eternal and steady.

The story inspired Humayun Ahmed's inspiration. Why it is denial why it does not enter the head! Maybe Shawon has done a lot of excess. Humayun Ahmed, a very honest and lively successful man who has spent a diverse life, needs to have one, not less than half-a-dozen films on this. Farooqi tried to convince him or her a bit. But it is necessary to say honestly that it is straightforward, as much as the storm.

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