Story Hero Dota 2: Barathrum Sang Spirit breaker, The Most Loyal Creature.

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Spirit Breaker

"Barathrum or Spirit Breaker is a creature that has incredible strength and speed"

After the Elder Titan divides the world, it creates seven dimensions. Among the seven, there is Terrene Plane. The dimension is inhabited by creatures like humans, orcs or ogre.

Actually Terrene Plane is a "shadow" of a dimension named Elemental Plane. Terrene Plane is also often referred to as the physical dimension or mortal plane.

In contrast to the Terrene Plane, Elemental Plane has a living thing that has no physical form. They consist mostly of light representing the nature of the world. In this dimension there is someone very mysterious.

The man who lives on the Elemental Plane has many troops and is very strong. He even instructed his men to use a ring on their nose to indicate that he was the man's subordinate. One of the most loyal members he has is the Barathrum the Spirit Breaker.

Barathrum is a creature of Elemental Plane has a greatness that is rarely encountered by other creatures. It can easily venture into all the dimensions of this world. His master named Barathrum as Imperator.

The key to Barathrum's greatness is his strength and speed, with both he can easily move from one dimension to another.

One day, Barathrum was sent by his master to go to Terrene Plane to overcome a problem that caused Elemental Plane to come under threat. Go Barathrum to Terrene Plane.

Because Terrene Plane is a physical dimension, beings like Barathrum need a physical body to be able to live here. Barathrum gets the physical body thanks to the Master's grace.

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