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It starts today.

In fact, it already has.

I just went on a walk around the block, with the Pokemon GO game running* in the background.

* = pun

Those wires seem similar to the effect of light's refraction through a prism, isn't it. Linky.

Why do something new & exciting everyday?

To add variety to everyday life.
Thanks to those exams, looks like I'm gonna be stuck with this question & answer format for some time to come.

Here's how I'm documenting the new stuff

1 Second Everyday app.

Idea is in the name: just recording 1 second of whatever you're documenting. As days pass on and turn into a year, you get an option to export all those 1 second videos that you recorded everyday, and to make it into 1* whole video.

* = pun

Simple & efficient.

Thanks for watching, hit like & subscribe and ring the bell and start the fight

I'm hoping I'll grow as a person by doing this. Oh all the exciting things yet to come.

I'll tell you all about it.

Stay followed my doods.

And do something new & exciting everyday.

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