#4 - Win 5 shares of @steembasicincome for someone else!

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Hey everyone!!!!

Here is the 4th post where you can help someone else out.

This will be the last post like this for a bit. Take advantage of trying to help someone out and give them a shoutout.

While we catch up on the giveaway videos we will be giving away some shares of @steembasicincome.

How to enter - Please drop the username of someone who you think needs a few more shares of @steembasicincome. Please also let us know why??

Only one entry per person!!

After this post pays out we will award the 5 shares to the winner. Great way to give a shout out to someone you want to help on the blockchain.

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!sbi status


Hi @dosdudes!

  • you have 3813 units and 150 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 8974928895000 or 5.626 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 1.125 $

Structure of your total SBI vote value:

  • 76.36 % has come from your subscription level
  • 2.86 % has come from your bonus units
  • 3.11 % has come from upvoting rewards
  • 17.66 % has come from new account bonus or extra value from pre-automation rewards

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🎁 Dear @dosdudes,

SteemBet Seed round SPT sale is about to start in 2 days!

When our started the development of SteemBet Dice game, we couldn’t imagine that our game would go so viral and that SteemBet would become one of the pioneers in this field.

In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

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@ribbitingscience could use some extra sbi units. Raising a bunch of little baby frogs cannot be easy and documenting it, so we can see the progress, just increases the workload. So I think a little extra motivation would be well deserved :)

I would like to nominate @brickmanbrad for helping me out and showing me around the Steem.

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Thanks @nooblogger. Though if I win, I'd rather the shares go to you to help your growth on the platform.

@macchiata - because she needs a little bit of motivation to keep writing and creating cool things. She makes some motivational posts that helped me more than once! :)


Hahaha that's so true! I need motivation to keep writing :D and more time

Greetings my friends...

I would at first say, I would like them myself... only to be able to share with five individuals, but that is not part of the contest. So...

I would choose @mrnightmare89... he has consistently tried to both benefit himself, while also sharing his life and country through various posts. While I know he relies on actual Steem to live... I think receiving something that will allow him to share with others could help instill a positive mindset to continue his path on this Steem'verse. Appreciate your contest...


@mrnightmare89 just sent you 5 shares of sbi. Congrats. Thanks to you both for participating.


@dosdudes thank you for the reply and competition!
@mrnightmare89 totally didn't have to do that, and I truly appreciate it; thank you my friend!


thank you sir, that's awesome in helping steemians.

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thank you mu friend but even though you don't ask for it I will still recommend you to have this opportunity m It might not much but at least I could repay you by helping me. so greetings everyone @wesphilbin is fit for this also, he always share positive vibes and helping many steemians

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i Me myself @bidesign

Why? trying to make a kingdom from dusts 😋😊👍✌️😅

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I would like to suggest @tixinhacapitinha for this offer. She has been helping moderating and curating the posts from the Portuguese community in Steem. 😉


Ohhh 😮 tank you so much @trincowski for the recommendation! 😊

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I wanna nominate @tortugadelmar a new steemian. Thanks :)

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@mooe nice drawing and photo content!

I choose @coiotes he deserves for the work of curation and contests of SBI encouraging the reading of good texts and posts in Portuguese

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