Doodle Doodledayeo round 14 challenge. My entry.

in doodleon •  2 years ago 

Here is my doodle entry for the wonderful challege thanks to @opheliafu and the #doodleon crew.

We are pledged to doodle with three words in mind. This week's challenge includes the words.


Here it is:


I was very excited about this week's doodle challenge, the first I have entered, as one of the three words was an animal. And I love ducks!

I've decided for my doodle duck, caught in the rain with her umbrella, to be one part duck and one part Edwardian lady.

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Duck, duck,


Reminds me a tiny bit of Jemima Puddle Duck by Beatrix Potter. :)

As I was drawing it I thought of that too. I LOVE Beatrix Potter and grew up on her. I've always been obsessed with animals as well, so that certainly made me love her all the more :)

That’s awesome! I can definitely see some little similarities in style and subject. :)

Really nice ducks. But the rain and droplets are really amazing. So whimsical, and yet active.y moving.

Thank you, I'm trying to do as many challenges as seems enjoyable this year. A quick scribble can often give the freedom to express. I was happy with the absurdity of it :)

I'm amazed at what you call a quick 'scribble', but life is certainly a relative sort of thing, particularly in relation to art. Plus, whatever floats a stylish duck, I always say. I love absurdity as well, the world can use all the whimsy and absurdate' it can get these days.

Isn't that the truth, well I'm your gal for the absurd ;)

She is the perfect lady going for a walk in the rain!
Great drawing for this week's Doodle Doodledayeo challenge, thank you @donnadavisart for sharing your creativity with us!

Thank you @opheliafu for all that you do for Steemit and the arts community on here :)

Love this stylish duck that knows how to remain classy even under the rain ^_^

She has a classy chassis as they say ;)